Outstanding Senior Spotlight: Brittany Fornof

May 05, 2011

Brittany Fornof
Photo by Kristen Manieri

For Brittany Fornof (Class of 2011), the road from home to college was just a mere 80 miles long. But for this Ocala native, the whole world opened up when she made the short journey to Rollins in 2007.  With access to a seemingly limitless number of opportunities to grow and expand as a student and person, Fornof boldly seized as many of these as possible. At graduation, she leaves behind a unique and lasting contribution to the College and takes with her immeasurable lessons and talents soon to be realized in her future endeavors.
Like a lot of first-year students, Fornof arrived at the College a little shell-shocked.  But like so many of her peers, a connective Rollins Conference Course (RCC) and Living Learning Community plus access to innumerable student organizations had her finding her groove in no time. She joined the campus ministry, Rollins dance club and became a staff writer at The Sandspur.   “By second semester, I felt like Rollins was a perfect fit,” Fornof fondly reminisced.
With her esteem for Rollins firmly cemented heading into her sophomore year, Fornof naturally slid into the role of summer orientation leader, generously sharing her experience and insight with incoming students. “I fell more in love with Rollins as I shared it with others,” she recalled. “I’d look at these first years and say, ‘you have no idea what you are getting into - this is going to be the best experience of your life.’ The passion for Rollins was really contagious.”
If these new Rollins scholars gleaned anything from Fornof, it was that the College is a place where leaders take flight. In 2008, Fornof’s legacy of leadership began to emerge with the founding of WTF Rollins?!: We Tackle the Future at Rollins, a political, non-partisan organization designed to register, educate and motivate campus voters in anticipation of the 2008 presidential election. Fornof, the organization’s founder and executive director, helped her team register more than 400 student voters as well as hold debate-watching parties and a huge Election Day event on Mills Lawn.
In 2009, Fornof began working as an intern at the Office of Public Relations and Communications. Like most interns, she started managing news clippings and writing news stories, but soon she was given the task of coordinating a student news bureau and managing story assignments.
In the fall of her senior year, Fornof became a founding member of Delta Zeta, a new sorority to Rollins. Throughout the academic term, she held several chair positions including Lip Sync chair, Courtesy Chair and Charm and Style chair. She also started a blog about fashion rules and began contributing to an online publication called PYNK Lipstick.
Fornof will continue her passion for writing as she pursues a career in public relations, marketing, and journalism. In the coming years, Fornof plans to obtain her master's degree in journalism at American University in D.C.  As a political science major with an English minor at Rollins, she’s enjoyed writing about the injustices of the world and hopes to continues down that path as a journalist.
Maybe it’s her years of pageant training with the Miss America organization or perhaps it’s her discovery of the nature of happiness in her first-year RCC course, but Fornof has an easy contentment and a humble confidence to her. It’s the sort of calm certainty that might make you think she’s somehow been tipped off that life is going to work out really well for her. Or maybe it’s just obvious that the skills and wisdom she’s gained at Rollins can’t help but propel her into whichever direction she chooses. Regardless, this girl is up to big things and those who know her cannot wait to see how it all turns out.

By Kristen Manieri

Office of Public Relations & Community Affairs
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