Rollins Student Filmmakers Debut Their Films at First Annual Rollins College Movie Festival

December 03, 2010

Movie Festival


Over the course of the fall semester, 13 intrepid Rollins students have been making six feature-length films. Beginning December 5 and ending December 8, Rollins presented its first-ever Movie Festival which unveiled all six films over the Festival’s three nights.

“These films came out of an experimental new feature-length film class,” said Professor of English Bill Boles who designed and teaches the class. “I knew there was a handful of aspiring filmmakers on campus who really wanted to do more than create the sort of short films that are made in the RCC Making Movies.”

So Boles set the budding filmmakers to the task of creating a 75-minute movie. Although one student worked on his own, most of the students worked in groups of two to four, wearing every hat from producer to editor to cinematographer. Beginning the first day of the fall term (and some beginning the week before), the students undertook the monumental tasks of designing, writing, casting, shooting and editing a movie that they knew would be seen by the entire Rollins community at term’s end.

Along the way, students met in class for pre-production tasks including script development and character and location presentations. Week by week, the groups began to devise their storylines, cast their actors and decide which type of music they would use. Boles and fellow students critiqued and brainstormed with each group in what became a highly “collaborative atmosphere” during class. “These students all want to be filmmakers, so they’re the best ones to give feedback to one another,” said Boles.

“When the feature film class was announced, I was absolutely elated to see that there was going to be a production course versus a film study course,” said J.D. Casto (Class 2011), who worked on the film Supernatural. “Through this class, we made a 75-minute film on a budget of $100 or less. It’s inspired me to stop making short films and start writing feature films. Ever since I came to Rollins I knew I was going into filmmaking. This course has solidified my belief that filmmaking and writing for film is where I belong.”

Over the semester, Boles saw small sections of each film, but he experienced the final versions for the first time along with other viewers at the Movie Festival. The following films had their world premiere in the SunTrust Auditorium:

Just Sign Here is a guerilla-style horror movie that follows a young couple who have moved into a secluded home. Little do they know that the house has a secret history chronicled in an old, sinister journal. The stories in the book come to life and extend far beyond the old pages of the journal, and the couple finds themselves at the mercy of a mysterious creature and unexplainable supernatural occurrences.

Busby’s Girls details a murderous sibling rivalry between two show girls, Charlotte and Brigitte, who are competing for the lead role in a modern adaption of 42nd Street. The production is headed for Broadway and the claws come out in their thirst for fame.

Supernatural tells the story of Casey and Alex, two roommates in college, who hunt the things that go bump in the night. Your nightmares are their reality. With the help of angels Ariel  and Ezekiel, the four team up to stop Lilith, the first demon, from breaking the 66 seals of the Apocalypse. Facing demons, angels, and amateur hunter Jordan these roommates have their fair share of work to do.

Borntohandjive documents the making of the recent Rollins’ presentation of Grease following the cast and crew of the Department of the Theatre and Dance for a behind the scenes look at just what it takes to put on one of the most famous modern day musicals.

The Love Book tells the story of what happens when a student's creative project for her writing class becomes far more realistic than she ever thought.

This Shit Is Bananas is about three college students, Billy, Clem and Chase, who meet at Clem's house (where Billy also lives). They sit around and reminisce about the past...

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By Kristen Manieri

Office of Public Relations & Community Affairs
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