Rollins Rallies for the 125th Anniversary

November 11, 2010

Students Show Their School Spirit at Rally Rollins

On the evening of Friday, November 5, the Alfond Sport Center shut down its usual operations to host the second annual Rally Rollins. This modern-age pep rally was such a hit last year that the College decided to bring it back bigger and better for the 125th Anniversary.

Students and parents lined up for hot dogs and nachos before the show and then streamed into the bleachers. A color changing landscape of stars and glowing pillars accentuated the pair of giant screens that played the notable videos from the Greater Connections contest that preempted a performance by the Dance Team.

Hosted by All Campus Events (ACE), the rally was a combination of laughter and cheers. A spirit competition pitted the four Rollins classes against one another in knockout basketball, relay racing, and the “make-some-noise” contest. It came down to the Class of 2014 and the Class of 2011. And at Rally Rollins, that meant a dance-off. It was close, but the Class of 2014 walked away with the trophy.

Still, the graduating class got their dues. The senior athletes were recognized onstage by introducing themselves to the crowd and joining their fellow class members for a collective round of applause.

Once the sailor hats were distributed and the pom-poms were out in force, award-winning comedian Eric O’Shea took to the stage. Catering to teenagers and parents alike, O’Shea sent his new-found fans into stitches of laughter with everything from childhood stories to a startlingly accurate impression of Elmo from Sesame Street. Rollins had the distinction of being the final college on his yearly comedy tour and it was well worth the wait.

An evening of fun that only ACE could cook up, Rally Rollins was a great way to end the day.

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By Jennifer Ritter (Class of 2013)

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