Campus Security Offers CPR and Self-Defense Classes

November 10, 2010


This year, Campus Security has kicked off two important programs that demonstrate its commitment to the safety of the members of the Rollins community. Designed to empower and educate, Campus Security is now offering regular CPR and self-defense classes that are open to students, faculty and staff.

“When folks think of campus security, they think of parking tickets or incident reports,” said Director of Campus Security Ken Miller. “We wanted to create more situations for positive interactions on campus.” And so Miller and his team began coordinating self-defense classes through a relationship with O—Force Training and Consulting led by Cory Krebbs (an ex military and police officer) and Dave Ogden (a 24-year veteran of Orange County Sheriff’s Office). Together, they’ve created a comprehensive self-defense class designed to empower the women of Rollins to take charge of their own safety.

During class, participants definitely learn about physical maneuvering and ways to break away from specific holds, but the class also strongly emphasizes awareness. The class gives women the knowledge they need to avoid dangerous situations altogether. “We want to teach women how not to be a victim in the first place,” emphasized Miller. “We offer tips for ways to get some distance from a pursuer and how to avoid situations in which acquaintance assaults can occur. Sadly, most assaults happen with someone the victim already knows.” The course aims to help women learn to be more aware of their surroundings and make better decisions.

“I was hoping to learn a few simple techniques that could actually be used in an attack situation,” said Mandy Booker of the Office of the Bursar. “This class gave the participants tools which could be applied in many different attack scenarios.  They also emphasized the importance of conflict avoidance; just simple steps women can take to avoid being in a dangerous situation.”

So far, 46 women have completed the training and 19 are already scheduled for the next session. “Our goal is to have 50 women complete the course each semester,” said Miller. Campus Security will schedule eight to ten classes throughout the academic year; however, Miller also works with student organizations and faculty/staff groups to coordinate classes outside of the regular schedule. “All you need is a group of eight people and we can get a class together for you,” said Miller. 

These women-only classes are approximately four hours long and include instruction, snacks and drinks. There is absolutely no cost to members of the Rollins community. Participants should come dressed in workout attire.

Campus Security has also begun facilitating monthly CPR training sessions. Each class teaches eight to 10 participants the basics of rescuing someone in need of resuscitation. For two hours, participants are trained in important skills such as chest compressions. Once the training is completed, Miller’s team submits the paperwork to the American Red Cross and the CPR card arrives in participant’s mailbox a few weeks later.

Once again, there is no cost to Rollins students, faculty and staff. “It’s just another way we want to provide a service that educates our community,” said Miller. This education could potentially save someone’s life, as was the case when Facilities Mechanic Juan Ortiz came upon a choking victim at his church just a few days after completing the training.

“My wife and I noticed that a very large crowd had formed a circle and as we approached we saw an elderly man unconscious and lying on his back, grasping for air,” recalled Ortiz. “I immediately shouted that I know CPR. At that moment, I felt like I was back in the CPR training. I backed everyone away and spoke to him for some kind of response. When there was none, I yelled to a friend to call 911.” While the crowd anxiously awaited for the ambulance to arrive, Ortiz began the compressions on the man’s chest until an off-duty paramedic took over. Luckily, the man lived.

The impact of the CPR and self-defense training is difficult to measure, but one thing is for sure; knowing these important life-saving skills can only serve to enrich the lives of members of the Rollins community.

To register for self-defense classes, email Ken Miller at

To register for CPR classes, email Robert Whetstone at

By Kristen Manieri

Office of Public Relations & Community Affairs
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