Rollins Student Honored by Association of Nepalis in the Americas

July 01, 2010

 Lucas Hernandez (Class of 2013), Aditya Mahara (Class of 2012), and Raghabendra KC (Class of 2013) are just three of the students participating in the Making Lives Better Nepal service immersion trip this summer.

Aditya Mahara (Class of 2012) is being honored with a Salute to Heroes Award by The Association of Nepalis in the Americas (ANA) during their annual conference in July.

Mahara is being recognized for his contributions as a youth leader of Nepal and for his academic achievements. Later this summer, Mahara is leading a group of eight students, including five Cornell Scholars, along with Professor of Chemistry Larry Eng-Wilmot and Director of External and Competitive Scholarships Jayashree Shivamoggi, to his home country as part of the Making Lives Better: Nepal field study.  From July 29-August 12, the group will focus their work on improving health and education in Nepal.

The ANA is an organization that promotes the preservation of Nepali identity and culture in the Americas by celebrating the cultural, religious, linguistic, historical and educational heritage of Nepal. The group also supports initiatives such as an emergency disaster fund, safe drinking water and the development of schools in Nepal.

The ANA has hosted more than 20 annual conventions that have attracted hundreds of Nepalis and friends of Nepal living in the Americas and abroad.

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