Kathryn Norsworthy Named 2010 Recipient of President's Award for Diversity and Inclusion

May 31, 2010

NorswortyThe President’s Award for Diversity and Inclusion was established this year as a means of recognizing and honoring students, faculty and staff for their efforts aimed at promoting diversity awareness, representation and inclusion within the Rollins workplace and student community.   The award is granted annually to a student, faculty, and staff member whose contributions and actions over time best exemplify the principles and ideals of diversity and inclusion, as evidenced by efforts to:

  • Advance diversity awareness, knowledge and skills within the Rollins community
  • Promote institutional policies and practices that invite and reinforce inclusiveness
  • Serve as an advocate for the interests of under-represented populations
  • Champion recruitment and retention efforts aimed at improving diversity representation on campus
  • Develop or lead diversity programming and other diversity and intercultural engagement efforts

This year the Rollins Diversity Council solicited and received nominations from many deserving students, faculty and staff and following careful deliberation has recommended Kathryn Norsworthy as this year’s faculty recipient of the award.

Norsworthy's interest in equity, fairness, and inclusion is well known to all of us here at Rollins and encompasses all aspects of her life: from her research, to her teaching, her service, and her community involvement.   

Within the Rollins community Norsworthy has served on the Global Peace Film Festival Task Force, the International Task Force, is a co-founder of SAFE zone at Rollins, and has served many terms on the Diversity Advisory Council, often as co-chair. 

In the broader community, Norsworthy has been a tireless advocate for justice and equality.  She has worked alongside the Sisters of Notre Dame in Apopka in their efforts to assist farm workers.  She has assisted Harbor House, a local domestic shelter program and Project III, a local drug and alcohol treatment program.  She is a fierce and relentless activist in the area of GLBTQI (Gay, Lesbian, Bi-Sexual, Trans, Queer and Intersex) rights, serving locally as a spokesperson for One Orlando and also as an important member of the Orlando Anti-discrimination Committee.

Beyond our borders Norsworthy has worked on social justice and community-building projects in Thailand. Most recently her work has between the Muslim and Buddhist communities in Southern Thailand, but she previously aided Burmese refugees.  She has addressed issues of justice and healing in other traumatized areas of the world such as Eastern Europe, receiving numerous national and international awards and honors for her diversity work.   

On a personal level, Norsworthy always strives for change.  She welcomes everyone and gives all ideas her thoughtful consideration.  At the same time, she quietly challenges all of us--through her life, her work, and her passion--to lead better, more inclusive lives and to help make the world a fairer place for all.

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