Activist Alumni Return to Rollins for Women's Studies Lectures

February 04, 2010

Women's studiesRollins welcomed back three alumni last week, each of whom impacted Winter Park as well as the communities they became a part of afterwards with their passion for women’s studies and feminist theories.

The speakers included: Anne Lacsamana ’93 who attended Rollins as a women’s studies minor and created her own area major focused on women’s studies, Molly Talcott ’98 who attended Rollins as a women’s studies minor and sociology major, and Dorcas Gilmore ’00 who attended Rollins as a women’s studies minor and psychology major. Also, three current students, Frankie Mastrangelo. Shannon Frey and Lizzie Hovanetz, all co-presidents of Voices for Women (VFW) also took part in the panel.

The alumni discussed how the communities they built at Rollins impact their lives today and also the importance of teaching and supporting Women’s Studies, both academically as a major (rather than a minor as it currently is at Rollins), as well as through extracurricular activities like the feminist student group, Voices For Women.

“I was able to sustain my spirit, and intellect and at the same time build my own community at Rollins,” said Talcott.

Gilmore said that she almost left Rollins because she could never find an activist community until her mother told her that “You don’t find your place, you create your place.” And so, she created her place.

Lacsamana started the first VFW group on Rollins’ campus to help Rollins integrate feminist studies and theories on campus. When she attended, since Rollins has no Women’s Studies major, she created her own Area Studies focused on her passions. Talcott and Gilmore also were members of VFW members while at Rollins, and also were involved in feminist radio shows in WPRK.

You can tune in to feminist radio show on WPRK currently Mondays at noon.

-Mary Neville (Class of 2013)

Read about Molly Talcott's lecture, “‘El Aire es Nuestro’ (The Air is Ours): Gender, Culture, and Resistance among Indigenous Youth in Southern Mexico.”

Read about Anne Lacsamana's lecture, “State of Emergency: Globalization, Feminism, and the Phillipine Women’s Movement.”


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