Rollins Celebrates Over 100 Years of Women's Studies at Rollins

November 02, 2009

Women's StudiesThe Galloway Room in the Mills building was recently filled with eager community members including President Duncan and President Emerita Rita Bornstein to hear “Celebrating over 100 years of Women’s Studies at Rollins.”  The panel discussion was held to enhance awareness and commemorate the Women’s Studies program here at Rollins.

When asked the question “What is Women’s Studies and why do we need it?” all panel members shared personal experiences that have shaped their opinion on the topic.  One panelist, Professor Emerita Barbara Carson, recalled a former student’s discussion with her father.  The young woman, who planned on attending law school, teased her father one day about becoming a partner at his law firm.  She was shot down with the response, “We don’t have women partners.” 

Many of the panelists stated that in their personal educations, women were simply not studied.  In fact, it was not until 1983 that Rollins officially established its Women’s Studies program, to assist Sister Rosemary Curb, a former professor of English at Rollins.  Professor of English Twila Papay shared memories of the courageous woman, “For many of us, she is Women’s Studies at Rollins.” 

The panel discussion included what women’s initiatives are currently happening on campus, such as the Voices for Women Club, and what outcomes Rollins has had by having a Women’s Studies program.

 “As a result of Women’s Studies, we see issues of women and gender across the curriculum,” said Professor of Anthropology Carol Lauer. 

With over 30 affiliated faculty, the Women’s Studies program reaches a wide spectrum of students. 

-Darby Asner (Class of 2010)

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