International Student Spotlight: Daniela Becker

November 11, 2009

Daniela BeckerPart of what makes Rollins so special is the number of international students the school attracts year after year.  One of these students is Daniela Becker, from Nuremberg, Germany.  She was kind enough to sit down and share some of her experiences here in the United States and at Rollins College.

Becker, a 3-2 student who earned her bachelor’s degree last year in International Relations, moved to the Orlando area in 2004, when her father was transferred within his company.  As her college search began, she heard of Rollins and was attracted to its small class sizes and the 3-2 program.  Becker explained that in Germany, most college classes range in the hundreds because many students opt it study at public universities. 

Becker has noticed a few differences between Germany and the U.S.

“In general, it was not that big of an adjustment,” she said.  “I’ve enjoyed that people here are a lot more open, or more outgoing versus in Germany where people are more closed off.”  She also said that at home people are more punctual and detailed-oriented. “The stereotype of Germany is true.” 

Becker said that what she enjoys most about living here is the Florida weather and that it makes everything more positive.  While she misses her family and Lebkuchen, a traditional German Christmastime food, she returns home at semester breaks and receives a visit from her family every Easter.

Becker seems to have enjoyed her undergraduate experience at Rollins College, especially courses she has taken with Professor Rachel Newcomb in the Anthropology department.

“What made those classes so valuable is she is so great at facilitating discussion,” she said.

She said she is undecided whether she will continue to live in the U.S. after she finishes the Early Advantage program at Crummer, her decision depends on job availability.  She hopes to some day work in development assistance on the international level, which could incorporate her love for travel, other cultures, and foreign language.  Daniela will graduate from Crummer in the Spring of 2011.

-Darby Asner (Class of  2010)

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