Rollins College Summer Day Camp Celebrates 41 Years

May 05, 2008

CampersThis year, Rollins College Summer Day Camp will celebrate its 41st year entertaining and instructing children from around the community. The camp offers 19 courses, and kids and their parents get to choose four courses they go to each day based on their interests—from classes in the arts, sciences and athletics. Classes runs in two sessions, Session A will run from June 9 through July 3 and Session B from July 7 through August 1. Children who completed kindergarten through fifth grade can participate.

But the children aren’t the only ones who have fun. The teachers and camp counselors also relish in the experience. Last year, teachers came from all over Central Florida where they teach elementary, middle or high school. “What is so great is that the 19 teachers may teach a course they are not regularly involved with, but in something that is a passion of theirs—like art or music—when during the school year, they teach math,” Camp Coordinator Terry Kent said. They also got to work with children of a variety of ages each day and they taught classes with no tests or homework.

Campers learn gymnastics on Mills Lawn“It reminds them why they are passionate about teaching, having fun with kids and helping them learn and be creative, which is different from the test-driven environment during the academic year,” Kent said.

The Rollins College Summer Day Camp counselors are another key to the camp’s success, according to Kent. These high school and college students from across Central Florida are at least 16 years old, and often they have just as much fun at camp as the children they supervise. Phil Varga, who will enter his second year at Rollins in the fall, was a lead counselor, and last years was his third year of helping at the camp. He jumps right in, talking and joking with the campers and playing tennis with them.

“It is really rewarding to get to work with the younger kids,” Varga said. “At the end of the day, I am hot and tired, but the camp is a great place to work.”

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