Katie Mess

Katie Mess

Katie Mess, ‘12


What is your Major?

I am a music major.

What is your area of study within Music?

Flute Performance

Why did you decide to attend Rollins College for music?

A friend who studied under the same private flute teacher in high school told me about how much they enjoyed their time at Rollins so I went to visit a few times. I talked with Dr. Sinclair and auditioned and was really impressed so I decided to attend.

In what ways have your studies at Rollins prepared you for your career goals?

I have many opportunities to play in the capacity I would be expected to play in as professional musician, including playing in chamber ensembles and with the Bach Festival Orchestra. The small faculty to student ratio at Rollins also has allowed me to further explore areas I am interested in because the Professors are much more available than at a larger school where they would be responsible for many times the number of students.

What is your favorite musical event of the year, and why?

Bach Festival Concerts because they offer a fantastic opportunity to hear the masterworks and see renowned artists at no cost to the students.

How have your experiences in non-music classes helped to shape you as a musician?

Non-music classes allow me to explore subjects outside of music that may help in the future. For example, certain foreign language classes are a chance to prepare yourself for graduate school requirements in some areas of musical study, such as theory or musicology.