Greg Frey

Gregory Frey

Gregory Frey, ‘12


What is your Major?

Music Education

What is your area of study within music?

I am a trumpet player, but beyond that I would like to teach music at the collegiate level.

Why did you decide to attend Rollins College for music?

The smaller class sizes and outstanding music faculty at Rollins helped me make my decision to pursue a music degree at Rollins College.

In what ways have your studies at Rollins prepared you for your career goals?

My studies at Rollins have prepared me to well receive the demands of an instrumentalist and educator. Rollins' various ensembles give students the chance to play in a multitude of settings, and with the Bach Festival Society ever present on campus there are many opportunities to see professionals in action.

What is your favorite musical event of the year and why?

It would be tough to pick just one musical event as a "favorite". The Winter Park Institute brings in many world renowned guests and gives the students once in a lifetime experiences. I am looking forward to working with Leon Fleischer this semester. My favorite performance? Jazz band :)

How have your experiences in non-music classes helped to shape you as a musician?

The core classes at Rollins help you maintain self-discipline while you are busy studying music. The faculty are wonderful outside of the music department as well. There is so much to be learned here at Rollins, and the ride is fantastic, but devotion to all aspects of your degree track will help you come out successful on the other side.