Emma Broming

Emma Broming

Emma Broming, ‘12


What are your Majors?

I am a double music and physics major.

What is your area of study within Music?

I am focused on vocal performance, although I love theory!

Why did you decide to attend Rollins College for music?

The size of the school is conducive to individual attention, which increases musical growth.  Additionally, Rollins offers the events of a large college with the Bach Festival and Winter Park Institute.

In what ways have your studies at Rollins prepared you for your career goals?

Rollins continues to give me honest feedback and support regarding my goals to attend graduate school for a PhD in astrophysics.  I am reminded of the amount of work ahead of me with the encouragement that it can be done.

What is your favorite musical event of the year, and why?

I love senior recitals.  They offer an opportunity to appreciate the people you work with every day on a whole new level.  Additionally, senior recitals inspire me to keep working.  Finally, they are a great place to listen to your friends demonstrate their labors from the past four years.

How have your experiences in non-music classes helped to shape you as a musician?

My non-music classes are crucial to my development as a musician in that they offer critical thinking and problem solving skills necessary, for example, in perfecting diction.  Non-music classes play a vital role in balance within my daily life.  They give me a break from practice when I need it, and I always return to music with a new-found excitement and appreciation.