Emily Esposito

Emily Esposito

Emily Esposito, ‘11


What is your Major?


What is your area of study within Music?

Piano Performance

In what ways have your studies at Rollins prepared you for your career goals?

I have developed the skills necessary to communicate effectively with other musicians in my field and with people outside of my field. I have learned what it means to be a good listener.

What is your favorite musical event of the year, and why?

My favorite musical event is probably when the visiting artists come to Rollins for the Bach Festival and from the Winter Park Institute. This year we have Leon Fleisher coming. How could it get any better than that?

How have your experiences in non-music classes helped to shape you as a musician?

This is probably the most rewarding aspect of being at Rollins. I have been able to connect what I have learned in non-music classes to the music that I perform, giving it added depth and meaning. I take ideas from the classes and from life-lessons I’ve learned and try to integrate it into my playing.  I want my music to be vibrant, colorful, exciting, and full of life, so I strive to draw from my experiences, community and environment, and express them through music.