Aaron Childree

Aaron Childree

Aaron Childree, ‘11


What are your Majors and Minors?

Music Major, Writing Minor

What are your areas of study within Music?

Voice, Guitar, Composition

Why did you decide to attend Rollins College for music?

I decided to attend Rollins because of the freedom the music department gives you to follow your musical interests.  I am currently studying voice, guitar, piano, and composition and Rollins is one of the only schools that would allow me to do all of those things and not pigeonhole me into just one specific concentration.

In what ways have your studies at Rollins prepared you for your career goals?

I would like to be a singer/songwriter or a worship leader when I graduate and I feel like all the lessons and ensembles I take have really helped to improve my skills as a musician and as a performer.

What is your favorite musical event of the year, and why?

As a singer/songwriter my favorite event is Music at Midnight because I get a chance to perform my songs and hear other students perform pieces that don't fit into the classical repertoire.

How have your experiences in non-music classes helped to shape you as a musician?

As a mentioned earlier, songwriting is a huge passion of mine and writing lyrics to my songs has always giving me a huge amount of respect for poetry.  Because of this I decided to take up a minor in writing and my studies through various writing workshops have completely changed the way I think about writing lyrics.  I'm not just looking for a line that fits the music, I'm trying to write a lyric that can stand on it's own as poetry, but is enhanced even more by the music that accompanies it.