Scholarships and Financial Aid

The Music Department awards scholarships to music majors at Rollins. Music minors and non-music majors may be eligible for scholarship assistance after music major awards have been made. Through the years, generous donors -- especially the estate of Virginia S. Nelson -- have ensured that endowed accounts make funds available for talented music students.

Talent-based scholarships are only part of the financial aid package that a Rollins student may receive.  Other awards through the College are based on academic performance, community engagement, and financial need.  For more information on Financial Aid at Rollins College, visit the Arts & Sciences or Hamilton Holt Scholarships and Financial Aid web pages.

Our named accounts are:

Fred Rogers and Alan Morrison
  • Nelson Music Endowment
  • Alphonse and Katherine Carlo Scholarship (strings and piano)
  • John Carter Scholarship
  • Walter Chambury Scholarship (piano)
  • Eaton Music Scholarship
  • Charlotte Gero Scholarship
  • Hufstader Scholarship
  • Arthur K. Hutchins Scholarship
  • McCullough Scholarship
  • Nichols Music Scholarship
  • L.C. Smith Memorial Scholarship
  • Albert Pick, Jr. Scholarship
  • Bill Muncey Memorial Scholarship
  • Ross Rosazza Scholarship (voice)
  • G.T. Willey Scholarship
  • Virginia Quantrell Scholarship
  • F. Duffy Music Scholarship
  • Kelly Music Scholarship
  • McFeely-Rogers Scholarship
  • John Reardon Scholarship (voice)
  • Germaine Haserot (voice)