Music Theory

Music TheoryIt is the hope of the Department of Music that, through the study of music theory, students will be able to experience more fully all that is awe-inspiring in the music they already love and the music they have yet to know.  We hope that they will discover for themselves, through acquaintance with the beauty inherent in good voice-leading and contrapuntal craft, through investigation of the inner workings of individual passages, and the architecture of entire works, and through the development of the ability to soundly articulate the defining features of a composer's style, what a tremendously invigorating discipline music theory can be.


Mus 151/152: Harmony I & II
Mus 151L/152L: Keyboard Harmony
Mus 251: Counterpoint
Mus 252: Chromatic Harmony and Introduction to Analysis

Additional Recommended Courses

In addition to the courses listed above that are required for the Music Major, various other elective courses in music theory are offered regularly, such as:

Mus 451: Form and Analysis
Mus 425: Topics: Paris, Moscow, Vienna: 1890-1915
Mus 425: Topics: Schumann and Brahms