Music Business
Many students at Rollins are attracted to the business of music, the multi-billion-dollar industry that sometimes dominates the news.  Through courses at Rollins students learn about the great percentage of activity in the field that never makes the news:  Federal regulations, copyright, royalties, residuals, non-profit tax rules, fundraising, and areas that surround the real power and control behind the glitter that makes the news.  The student interested in Music Business will investigate courses in the Music Department as well as the International Business program.  There is also a 3-2 program offered jointly by the College of Arts and Sciences and the Crummer Graduate School of Business at Rollins College.  The College also supports internships with various organizations such as the Bach Festival, Festival of Orchestras, Orlando Ballet, Universal Studios, Walt Disney World, and other studios and arts organizations in Central Florida.


•    MUS 225:  The Business of Music
•    MUS 392:  Introduction to Arts Management

Additional Recommended Courses:

•    MUS 190:  Introduction to Music and Technology
•    INB 215:   The Global Entertainment Business
•    INB 230:   Principles of Accounting
•    MUS 3xx:  Music in the Global Environment