ConductingConducting at Rollins provides those students studying conducting to receive numerous opportunities to conduct and work closely in individual and small group settings with conducting professor,  Dr. John Sinclair.  In addition to offering a beginning and advanced course in conducting, each semester a conducting practicum is offered so that students can continue this area of study throughout their Rollins career.

The philosophy of this area of study is that while a conductor may eventually specialize in a specific discipline within the area of conducting, students are prepared to conduct both choral and instrumental music. 



MUS 290:  Basic Conducting
MUS 390:  Advanced Conducting and Repertory
MUS 391: Conducting Practicum


Additional Recommended Courses

MUS 280: Masterpieces of Choral Music
MUS 340/341/342/343:  Instrumental Methods
MUS 395: Vocal Pedagogy
MUS 223: Singing Diction
MUS 351-352: Composition Seminar
MUS 451: Form and Analysis