CompositionIt is the aim of the Composition program at Rollins College to help students to communicate their musical ideas as effectively as possible.  There are no boundaries in regards to style.  Students are encouraged to write the music that they love, but also to feel free to experiment widely as they cultivate an individual relationship with their art.  The development of a solid craft, writing for a variety of media, and acquaintance with a large body of musical literature are emphasized throughout the program.  In addition to courses in composition, student composers will also register for lessons in an applied instrument or voice.  Toward the end of each semester, students enrolled in the various composition courses have the opportunity to present their new works in a composition recital sponsored by the Department.  Additionally, at the discretion of the directors of the various departmental ensembles, student works are occasionally included in choral, orchestral, wind ensemble, and chamber concerts, also sponsored by the Department.  Students preparing for graduate work in composition are encouraged to present a program of their compositions in a Senior Recital.


MUS 351-352: Composition Seminar
MUS 355: Composition Practicum (May be repeated each semester for credit)

Additional Recommended Courses

During their program of study, students are encouraged to register for Conducting, Instrumental Methods Courses, and all of the courses at the 300 and 400 level that the Department offers in Music Theory and Music Technology.