Staff Accompanists

Staff Accompanists Availability

The following staff accompanists, along with those listed on the posted Accompanist Phone List (found on the first-floor Keene hallway bulletin boards), are available to play for lessons, rehearsals, Music at Midday performances, juries, and recitals, at the student’s expense.  Be sure to confirm your accompanist’s fee when you contact them to accompany you. 

The standard charges for Rollins accompanists are as follows:

$15.00 = 30-minute lesson or rehearsal

$30.00 = 1-hour lesson or rehearsal

$30.00 = Music at Midday performance (includes a run-through of the piece)

$40.00 = Standard Jury (includes a 30-minute rehearsal)

$55.00 = Promotion Jury (includes a 1-hour rehearsal)

$75.00 = Half Recital (includes a dress rehearsal)

$150.00 = Full Recital (includes a dress rehearsal)

Name Email Address Phone Phone Comments
Blakemore, Ryan 803-312-4080 407-655-1330
Compton, Jacqueline 321-287-8066    
Griffin, Kristine 407-951-2614    
Hope, Harriet please call to schedule 407-422-8092    
Jensen, Robin 407-246-0556
Mikesell, Susan 407-647-8344 407-718-3465  
Parker, Robin
Pfingsten, Nancy 407-694-1012  
Peghiny, Lynn 407-342-6790    
Rodriguez, Jan 407-425-7703    
Slage, Kathy 407-925-8282    
Tompkins, Julie 786-457-0457