Music Dept. Current Students

The Department of Music at Rollins College began as a Conservatory of Music even before the College‘s founding in 1885 and is a charter member—since 1931—of the National Association of Schools of Music. The Conservatory enjoyed a reputation as one of the finer schools in the Southeast offering pre-professional training in music. That reputation has continued since 1966 when the Conservatory merged into Rollins as a liberal arts department.

Current StudentsOur intent is to bring to the campus and to Central Florida a wide variety of musically enriching activities. Such events support our music curriculum and our service to the Rollins community. We are especially committed to bringing to the campus guest artists and lecturers who help nurture a global perspective of the world of music.

Rollins College offers two undergraduate degrees: Artium Baccalaureus in the College of Arts and Sciences, and Bachelor of Arts in the Hamilton Holt School. The curricula for the music major and minor in both degrees is the same. The key to success in your undergraduate music studies is to challenge yourself to grow as a musician.  Rollins Department of Music will be your partner in this challenge, offering you frequent performance opportunities and encouraging your progress through personal attention that is tailored to your career goals.  Because the Department of Music offers only a Bachelor’s degree, we are able to focus all of our resources on the undergraduate developing musician.  While competition is an inevitable part of any music career, we believe that your undergraduate years will be more fruitful in the supportive environment at Rollins College. 

For more information about the unique opportunities afforded Rollins Music Majors, please peruse the Current Students menu items and the rest of the Music at Rollins website.