Interfaith Living Learning Community (LLC)

Interfaith Hall (founded in Fall 2010), located in Sutton Apartments, provides students the opportunity to complement their curricular education by engaging with students of diverse faith beliefs. The term ‘Interfaith’ acknowledges the diverse faith beliefs, spiritual practices, religions, and philosophical ideologies of all students. The Interfaith Hall is a new and unique idea. It is a student run initiative of both believers and non-believers, where these specific students not only learn about one another’s customs, but also aim to foster a mutually respectful and inclusive community which transforms ideas and perspectives to advocate for social change and justice.

Interfaith Club/Student Organization

The students of Interfaith Hall (comprised of believers and non-believers) are the founding members of Interfaith Club. They serve as an organization where what they learn in Interfaith Hall can be shared with the larger Rollins community via collaboration with faculty, staff and students. This organization is not only comprised of the students who live in Interfaith Hall, but also students who are interested in promoting and participating in Interfaith Initiatives who do not live in the Hall.

Interfaith Club values diversity among its members, inclusion of all philosophical ideas, respect for differences, openness to learning, and takes responsibility to lead, educate, and collaborate with the Rollins community in regards to matters of justice and respect for diverse faith beliefs. If you are interested in joining please contact a member from our Living Learning Community.

To visit the Interfaith Living Learning Community blog Click here.

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