Voices for Women (V4W)

Mission Statement:

To empower women by educating members of the community and providing safe opportunities/ environments for the promotion of feminism /gender equality ideas.


  • Provide support & empowerment to women and friends at Rollins.  
  • Educate members of the Rollins and wider community on issues of feminism, Gender equality, domestic violence & more.
  • To assist other organizations with related goals


How do we fit in With OMA’s mission Statement:

Aligns with OMA’s Mission to Promote Diversity & Equality through mutual respect, support and education

2012 Vagina Monologues Cast
2012 Vagina Monologues Cast






Executive Board:


Dr. Margaret McLaren

Professor of Philosophy and Womens Studies

Dr. Kim Dennis

Professor of Art History and Womens Studies, Coordinator of Womens Studies



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Voices for Women and Gloria Steinem

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Voices for Women and Guerrilla Girls On Tour!


Meeting Time Thursdays at 12:45pm in the Lucy Cross Center for Women and Their Allies, Chase 101.