Placement and Language Requirement

Placement Policy

Students are allowed to enroll at any level of the language they deem appropriate based on their previous preparation in secondary school. They will receive academic credit for all successfully completed courses. They may choose to enroll in elementary-level courses even though they have taken four years of high school study of a particular language. Nevertheless, students willfulfill the "F" requirement only when they have taken at least one course at the intermediate (200) and/or advanced (300) level.


Foreign Language (F) Requirement

(F) Foreign Language: Foreign Language study has an intimate and necessary connection with the educational goal of learning about oneself and one’s relationship to the world. Language is not just the primary vehicle for the communication of culture; it is culture. As such, foreign language study offers a unique window of perception regarding non-English speaking cultures, a window through which students can learn to communicate in a language other than their native tongue, learn how other people live and what they value, or, in the case of ancient languages, delve into our rich culture and philological heritage. Second language study also provides insights into the nature of language and its power to shape ideas and expression. The "F" requirement can be fulfilled by studying either an ancient or a modern language for one semester at the intermediate (200) and/or advanced (300) level.

Only the following students can be exempted from this requirement:

  • Foreign students who have been admitted to the College based on their TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) score.
  • Students, who transfer to Rollins, who have completed the intermediate level of a foreign language from a regionally-accredited institution of higher learning.
Students who have taken the SAT-II, AP, or IB exams, regardless of their performance on these exams, are not exempt from this requirement.