Life with a CMC Degree


Screening November 17 & 18, 2012 at the Brouhaha Film & Video Showcase, and most recently at the GPFF is The Necklace, a 2012 Campus MovieFest entry by Clementine Leger ’12 and Billy Yates ’12. “We had the idea to talk about the issue of hunger, not necessarily in regards to homeless people, but people you would see every day and would have no idea that they are struggling to provide meals for their family,” Leger said.

The four-minute film, which won best drama at Rollins’ Campus MovieFest, is a fictional depiction of a mother and daughter and the struggle to have enough to eat.


CMC Alumni Updates 

 Rachel Albergo (2009)


After graduating Rollins, Rachel went with her fellow CMC piers to the Cannes Film Festival, where she worked an internship in film publicity and the CMC team screened their documentary, THIS IS MY ROLLINS COLLEGE T-SHIRT. Shortly after, Rachel moved to New York where she worked various entertainment industry internships in both production and public relations. After making connections and working hard she got a full time position working at Furthur Films, Michael Douglas's production company. She was with Furthur Films working in public relations for 2 1/2 years and then moved to Los Angeles where she continued working for Furthur as a production coordinator. She recently has started a new job at HBO, as a member of the HBO Films team. 


Sam Barnes (2010) and Allison Crocker (2010)


In summer 2010, Crummer School of Business MBA students Allison Crocker (2012) and Sam Barns (2012) spent three months in Tanzania, a trip that led to their idea to build a sustainable eco-lodge they’d call Tuko Pamoja Mkyashi, which means “we are together.” They selected Mkayashi Village for their lodge, which sits about a mile up on Mount Kilimanjaro. The two are working with Minnesota-based non-profit Peace House Africa to develop their own non-profit and raise fiscal sponsorship for the project. Barns’ long term plan is for the villagers to learn how to run the lodge and ultimately take it over. “It will eventually be a sustainable source of income for the village,” Barns explained in a September 28, 2011 Rollins news article. For the full article and to learn about ways you can contribute, see

As of September 2012, the duo is advancing their fundraising efforts.


Bryan Bennett (2009)


Since graduation, Bryan has been working in the amateur sports industry running local, statewide and national events for youth sports teams in Florida. In summer 2011, Bryan became the Vice President of Operations with a sports complex in Cocoa, FL Bryan collaborated with CMC alum Max Bingham (2009) on the videos on the website (including the main intro on the front page), with Max serving as producer.


Katy Bildahl (2012)


Katy recently accepted a position as Digital Communication Coordinator for the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation in Washington, D.C., where she will be responsible for coordinating the foundation's social media efforts and website maintenance as well as assisting the in-house graphic designer with various projects.


Adrian Cohn (2010)


Adrian is in New Orleans, LA, serving as Site Supervisor for St. Bernard Project (SPB). He reports that “it’s a very similar program to Habitat in New Orleans; they have been active in rebuilding since 2006.” Each week, Adrian supervises 10-15 volunteers on his site, and leads them in the reconstruction process. In the aftermath of Hurricane Isaac  (September 2012), SPB seeks financial support for the ongoing care of New Orleans.


Anita Cox (2013)


Anita is currently working at the Rollins College Office of Student Success as an Athletics Coordinator.  She is a MBA Candidate '15 at the Crummer Graduate School of Business.


Carsyn Crane (2013)


Carsyn is matriculating toward a Masters in College of Student Affairs at Nova Southeastern University while working full time as a Graduate Assistant in the Career Development Office as Nova’s Coordinator of Campus Relations and Student Outreach.


Margaret DeWees (2010)


In 2012, Margaret earned her Masters from the University of Texas at Austin in the university’s College of Communication.


Felicia Erlich (2011)


Felicia Erlich is at the California Western School of Law studying entertainment law. She moved to San Diego, CA, and began her studies in mid-August 2011.


Louisa Gibbs (2011)


Louisa has made Boston, MA, her home, and is studying law at New England School of Law.


In summer 2011, Louisa reported that in addition to an internship with sexual harassment and discrimination cases, she also worked as an assistant at the school's Center for International Law and Policy. There, she researched bride kidnapping in Kyrgyzstan, and other human rights issues. She states, “I'm glad to have the chance to explore this area of law more.” These issues were those Louisa studied in her CMC career Rollins.


In 2012-13, Louisa joined the school's Law Review Journal and academically she ranked in the top percentile of her cohort.


Danielle Gumina (2013)


In August 2013, Danielle started her MFA degree in Media Production at Pepperdine University in Malibu, CA.


Chase Jennings (2012)


After a successful debut at the 2012 Cannes International Film Festival, where he represented Rollins with a screening of one of his Campus Movie Fest ( award-winning films, Chase graduated from Rollins and relocated to San Diego, CA.


Chase is now the author/editor of the 33voices Unplugged series. He's the Executive Producer of 33voices, a global conversation about things that matter in business and in life. He helps to bring together the most influential thinking and thinkers on the planet to help entrepreneurs and business creators build great businesses and live great lives.

He is also the Co-Founder of Lyra Film & Design, a nation-wide production and post-production company.


Clementine Leger (2012)


Following 2012 summer months spent in Paris, France, her birthplace and familial home, Clementine moved to Los Angeles, CA, and immediately landed an internship with Slamdance Film Festival—a showcase for raw and innovative filmmaking self governed - By Filmmakers, For Filmmakers. The year-round organization serves new and emerging artists, filmmakers, and storytellers.


In summer 2013, Clementine was recruited for the position of Programming Assistant for the Florida Film Festival (Maitland, FL), a position she began in August 2013. She continues to review films for Slamdance.


In her final two years of study at Rollins, Clementine served Enzian Theater and the Florida Film Festival (Maitland, FL) as Programming Intern.


Justin Marshall (2013)


Justin is pursuing an advanced degree at the Crummer School of Business while also working as a graduate assistant in Instructional Technology at Rollins.


Kelsey Pike (2010)


In August 2011, Kelsey began matriculating toward a Masters of Natural Resources in the College of Natural Resources and Environment at Virginia Tech, where she will concentrate on communication within natural resources and natural resource planning. The “vision for the Northern Virginia Natural Resources Program is to be a leader in the areas of natural resource policy, sustainable development of urban environments, and the sustainable management of natural resources on adjacent rural lands-both public and private” ( Tech’s innovative program offers distance learning; therefore, Kelsey will retain her current position working for the Shoshone National Forest.


In 2010, after taking a position with AmeriCorps and working at the Ocala National Forest in Ocala, Florida, Kesley moved to Cody, WY, to begin a job with the Shoshone National Forest as an Editorial Assistant for their planning department. In her new position, Kelsey works as a team member charged with the Shoshone’s Forest Plan. She lives and works 50 miles outside of Yellowstone National Park.


Julia Pyzik (2009)


After interning in New York City for two different documentary production companies, Shine Global and Pangolin Pictures, Julia shares that she was then hired by Pangolin as a Creative Development Assistant. Next, after writing treatments and working as a production assistant on other shows, she was promoted to Associate Producer at Pangolin. Her first project as producer, a two-hour special, The Ultimate Tribute to John Belushi, for A&E’s Biography Channel, was nominated for a 2011 Emmy in the Outstanding Nonfiction series category!  


Maia Ryan (2010)


Maia is pursuing a Masters in Social Work at Humboldt State University in Arcata, CA.  In summer 2012, Maia reported that she was enjoying the Social Work program and has been able to really get involved with the local Tribal communities. In 2012-13, she held the position of is Research Assistant through HSU's Sociology Department to help manage the Altruistic Personality and Pro-social Behavior Institute. Dr. Samuel P. Oliner, a Holocaust survivor, founded and runs the Institute. She was also co-managing editor for the Humboldt Journal of Social Relations.


HSUs curriculum exposes students to the diversity of cultures and the biological, psychological, familial, social, historical, economic, spiritual, and political factors that influence distinct and common paths of development among individuals, groups and societies, with particular attention to diversity within rural and Native American communities.


In 2011, Maia recorded some songs with her band that were released an EP. You can listen online at this website:


Bellinger Stoker (2011)


Belle completed her Rollins course work at the end of the fall semester 2010, during which time she was selected by the competitive Teach for America Program for their 2011 corps.


Teach For America is the national corps of outstanding recent college graduates of all academic majors and career interests who commit two years to teach in urban and rural public schools and become leaders in the effort to expand educational opportunity. Teach for America strives to ensure that one day, all children in this nation will have the opportunity to attain an excellent education.


Belle taught for the corps in Charlotte, NC, bringing new energy and leadership to the challenge of closing the academic achievement gap for students in Charlotte. To help prepare for classroom teaching experiences, Belle attended summer training institutes led by veteran teachers and Teach For America alumni; for instance, she taught 4th grade math and reading in Mississippi in summer 2011. In addition, Belle is matriculating toward a Masters in Education, with developing ambitions to obtain a Masters in Public Affairs. 


Jennifer Zyski (2010)


In fall 2010, Jennifer shared that the low-employment rates did not affect her in Miami, FL: She successfully freelanced for a company called DB Media Productions ( in Miami—a company that acts as the liaison between such clients as Elle, Vogue, and Victoria’s Secret (to name a few) and media production such as the execution of photoshoots, billboards, and commercials. In summer 2011, Jenn, still in Miami, reported that she was interning at Ocean Drive magazine, hoping her work with the publisher will lead to a more permanent position.