Computer Science

Learn more about the computer science major and minor.

Students and Robots

Students work together to build and program robots as part of a computer science project. Check out some of our student-faculty research collaborations.

Why major in Computer Science?

  • You will acquire the skills, knowledge, flexibility, and the ability to learn - all necessary to thrive in a changing world.
  • Becoming a computer science professional opens the door to many rewarding careers. Money Magazine has ranked software design as the most highly-rated job because of its opportunities for creative expression, good working environment, advancement, and salary.
  • Many areas of computer science will help you make an impact on our world. Here are just a few examples:
    • Computer modeling guides us toward answers in the spread of infectious diseases and the consequences of climate change.
    • Simulation improves the safety of aviation and surgery.
    • Robotics allows us to explore the ocean floor and outer space.
    • Artificial intelligence and expert systems provide quick diagnoses to problems in medicine and in business.
    • Computational biology is mapping the human genome and tracking whale migrations.
    • New human/computer interfaces are changing the way we do business and helping those impaired by illness or disability to stay connected to the world.
  • Computer science gives you the foundation to choose a career in such fields as business, law, medicine, politics, and education. Your computer science background will give you an edge because:
    • Employers will see you as being an adaptable and creative problem-solver.
    • Computers are ubiquitous in nearly all fields and you will be prepared for rapidly-evolving technology.
    • You will more easily grasp statistical ideas, bemore at home with computer software, and be better equipped to communicate with technically-trained people.

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