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Students having a discussion with Professor of Mathematics Jay Yellen.

The mathematics and computer science faculty are teacher-scholars who are dedicated to teaching and developing courses for their students.  The programs are flexible, tailored to best meet the needs of our students.

If you can, drop by and see us in action. Poke your head into any of our offices, and you’re likely to find a student or two.  They know they are always welcome – just ask them.

Julie Anderson

Julie A. Anderson
Lecturer, Computer Science


Julie Anderson earned a M.S. in computer science at The Johns Hopkins University. She has spent many years as a developer on mainframes, mid-range computers, PC's and the web. For 15 years, Anderson worked as an editor, writer and columnist for computer publications. In 1999, Anderson turned to teaching at the college level and is the co-author of Java Illuminated, An Active Learning Approach, Third Edition (Jones and Bartlett Learning). She also enjoys Scrabble and other word games.

Mark Anderson

Mark Anderson, Ph.D.
Professor of Mathematics


Mark Anderson earned a doctorate in mathematics at the University of Virginia and a master's in computer science at the University of Central Florida. His research interests are in graph theory, preferably on the topological or algebraic side; his recreational interests include running, biking, hiking, reading, camping, kayaking, and an occasional mathematical haiku.

Sheri Boyd

Sheri Boyd, Ph.D.
Lecturer, Mathematics


Sheri Boyd earned her M.A. and Ph.D. at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN.  She has over 20 years of experience in the classroom, and joined the Rollins faculty in 2003. As a mother of special needs children, Boyd has a deep commitment to help students with disabilities. She strongly believes that all students can succeed given the opportunity and the right tools.

Julie Carrington

Julie R. Carrington, Ph.D.
Associate Professor & Program Coordinator of Computer Science


Julie Carrington completed her Ph.D. at the University of Central Florida in 1992. That was the same year she started teaching at Rollins, where she loves the opportunity to work closely with students in courses, in graph theory research, and in collaborative summer projects. Carrington also enjoys politics, traveling, working in stained glass, and long walks with her dog.

Gabrielle Rejniak

Gabrielle Rejniak
Lecturer, Mathematics


Gabrielle Rejniak earned her B.S. in Computer Science and M.S. in Mathematics from the University of Central Florida, and is currently working on her Ph.D. in Modeling and Simulation from there as well. She has taught at Valencia College and the University of Central Florida. Her academic interests include Learning Centered educational models most often employed at the undergraduate mathematical level. She is also a busy mother of two who loves to read and bake.

Seitzer Face

Jennifer Seitzer, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Computer Science


Jennifer Seitzer's passion lies in teaching and doing research in Artificial Intelligence (AI), which attempts to model and emulate human intelligence in computer systems. Dr. Seitzer wrote her Ph.D. thesis in AI and graduated from the University of Cincinnati. She also did post-doctoral in Computer Networking at Purdue University. Resounding questions that drive her work are, "What does it mean to be an intelligent human being?" and "Do we, should we, want to emulate these facets of humanity into our machines?" Her eclectic background as a classical pianist, computer programmer, and yoga instructor has helped expand her perception and consideration of intelligence. Dr. Seitzer has been teaching at the college level for 15 years and is most proud of her mentoring and direction of undergraduate research programs.


Zeynep Teymuroglu, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Mathematics


Zeynep Teymuroglu received her Ph.D. at the University of Cincinnati. Her Ph.D. research was in applied and computational mathematics with an emphasis on mathematical biology. After graduation, she worked as an Associate Manager at the Research and Development department of a market research company. She also has her master’s in mathematics with an emphasis on Financial Mathematics.  Her research interests are mathematical biology, mathematical modeling and financial mathematics. She teaches Calculus, Differential Equations and Applied Mathematics courses.

Rick Vitray

Richard Vitray, Ph.D.
Professor & Chair of Mathematics


Rick Vitray received his Ph.D. in mathematics from Ohio State University. He plays basketball and sudoku, reads Joseph Conrad, Dostoevski, and the New York Times, and listens to Branford Marsalis, Miles Davis, Joni Mitchell and Bob Dylan (among others). In his spare time, he teaches mathematics and investigates questions in graph theory.

Jay Yellen

Jay Yellen, Ph.D.
Professor of Mathematics


Jay Yellen earned his Ph.D. in mathematics (group theory) from Colorado State University and his interests include graph theory (he co‑wrote two books) and operations research. He starts his day with J.S. Bach, listens to the blues and early jazz, takes part in math haiku contests with Professor of Mathematics Mark Anderson, and loves going to art museums (ask him about 'Art with Jay').

Yellen's CV


Donata Nutter
Administrative Assistant, Math & Computer Science


Donata Nutter originally worked for Rollins College from 1987-1994, first as Administrative Assistant for History and Political Science, and then as Executive Assistant to the Dean of Hamilton Holt School. While she pursued other career paths after leaving the college, she never stopped thinking about Rollins and wanting to return. She finally got her wish in October 2012, when she was hired by the Mathematics and Computer Science Department. Donata is thrilled to be back at Rollins!

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