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Google Grant: igniteCS

Sam Sadeh ’18 won a grant from Google’s igniteCS initiative to teach fourth-graders the basics of coding. See more...

Shree Raj Shrestha's Journey

Shree Raj Shrestha ’17's journey took him from Nepal to Rollins to one of the world’s biggest tech companies. See more...

A New Graph Recoloring Game

Shiying Gu, Felipe Quiroga, and Charles E. Hedges, mentored by Dr. Mark Anderson, develop a new graph recoloring game while doing collaborative research over the summer of 2014. See more...

Student-Faculty Collaborative Research Projects

The Student-Faculty Collaborative Scholarship Program at Rollins offers students the opportunity to participate in high-level scholarly research that is typically only available at the graduate-school level. What sets Rollins’ program apart from similar programs at other colleges and universities is that this program is a collaborative project between the student and a faculty member, not just a student project, or an assistantship to a faculty member’s own research.

Research Collaborations:

Department of Mathematics & Computer Science
Rollins College
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Winter Park, FL 32789