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Math and Computer Science students have in-demand knowledge and skills, and a world of career options.

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Our students love to study, connect, and hang out in the Bush Science Center atrium.

Student Organizations

Rollins ACM/MAA Student Chapter

Rollins College's ACM [Association for Computing Machinery] Student Chapter was officially chartered by the ACM's Chief Operating Officer on August 25, 2014.  We are now part of a growing network of ACM student chapters worldwide! 

Get-a-Job-at-Google Club (transformed to the above ACM/MAA Club)

A club where you will learn about Google, algorithms, people, C, hash tables, heaps, data structures, interviewing, queues, Java, stacks, B-trees, A* search, quick sort, big-0 notation, laughing at yourself, hard work, red-black trees, algorithmic boot-camp, Sergey Brin, Python, bubble-sort, learning-for-the-love-of-it, 0[log n], lower bounds, upper bounds, binary search, concurrent threads, peace-making, conflict resolution, dead locks, resource management, UNIX, Dijkstra's algorithm, humility, learning-for-fun, graphs, adjacency matrices, Lawrence Page, adjacency lists, linear search, bin packing, divide-and-conquer, greedy-strategy, Google bicycles, NP, modus ponens, AJAX, shortest path, AVL trees, double queues, NP-completeness, linked lists, shells, scripts, Chrome, TCP/IP, professionalism, UML, XML, Semantic Web, RDF, tenacity, DFS, BFS, best-first search, study habits, problem-solving, jokes, recursion, threads, processes, laughter, friendship, shortest-job-first, round-robin, greedy strategy, graphs, group-work, C++, priorities, Page-Brin ranking, merge-sort, context switching, accessibility, and..........FUN!

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