Current Students

Math and Computer Science students have in-demand knowledge and skills, and a world of career options.

Your Future is Bright!

Our students love to study, connect, and hang out in the Archibald Granville Bush Science Center.

Student Organizations

Rollins ACM/MAA Student Chapter

Rollins College's ACM [Association for Computing Machinery] Student Chapter was officially chartered by the ACM's Chief Operating Officer on August 25, 2014.  We are now part of a growing network of ACM student chapters worldwide! 

Get-a-Job-at-Google Club (transformed to the above ACM/MAA Club)

A club where you will learn about Google, algorithms, people, C, hash tables, heaps, data structures, interviewing, queues, Java, stacks, B-trees, A* search, quick sort, big-0 notation, laughing at yourself, hard work, red-black trees, algorithmic boot-camp, Sergey Brin, Python, bubble-sort, learning-for-the-love-of-it, 0[log n], lower bounds, upper bounds, binary search, concurrent threads, peace-making, conflict resolution, dead locks, resource management, UNIX, Dijkstra's algorithm, humility, learning-for-fun, graphs, adjacency matrices, Lawrence Page, adjacency lists, linear search, bin packing, divide-and-conquer, greedy-strategy, Google bicycles, NP, modus ponens, AJAX, shortest path, AVL trees, double queues, NP-completeness, linked lists, shells, scripts, Chrome, TCP/IP, professionalism, UML, XML, Semantic Web, RDF, tenacity, DFS, BFS, best-first search, study habits, problem-solving, jokes, recursion, threads, processes, laughter, friendship, shortest-job-first, round-robin, greedy strategy, graphs, group-work, C++, priorities, Page-Brin ranking, merge-sort, context switching, accessibility, and..........FUN!

Student Research Opportunities

Our department has an active research program involving students and faculty collaborating on a number of research projects in both mathematics and computer science. Much of this research takes place during the summer, with qualified students receiving research stipends from the College. Often, the summer research leads into or follows up on independent-study courses in which students receive course credit while working one-on-one with faculty members.

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