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Community Relations Giving Policy

The trustees and administration of Rollins believe that individuals and institutions alike can hope to prosper only as they contribute to that prosperity. None should take without giving in return.

Looking for a donation? To be considered for a non-monetary charitable donation, such as theater tickets, gift baskets, etc., please complete the Donation Request Form.A commitment by Rollins to contribute to the social and economic wellbeing of our community has evolved into a partnership to which we bring an investment of time, expertise and sponsorships, and which reaps for us the benefits of a secure, thriving community.

Rollins recognizes that quality work and living environments are crucial to business success. We believe the College-which includes the College of Arts & Sciences, Crummer Graduate School of Business and Hamilton Holt School-has a responsibility to help ensure these conditions and that Rollins has an obligation to be a responsible and responsive citizen in the community we serve. To this end, we cultivate a sense of social responsibility among our employees through volunteer initiatives which are coordinated and supported by the College and maintain a proactive program that responds to the needs and concerns of the community.

A healthy institution is the cornerstone of this plan and enables Rollins and its representatives to be supportive, active citizens. We fully recognize the need is great, but our resources are limited. With this in mind, Rollins gives priority consideration to requests that fall within our mission and vision with our key focus areas of education and sustainability. We strive to provide in-kind resources that will benefit a large segment of Central Florida’s diverse community.

Giving Strategy

Rollins offers support in the form of faculty, staff and student volunteers, expertise and sponsorships for nonprofit groups and community organizations which qualify under the 501 (c)(3) status. There are four primary categories in Rollins’ Giving Strategy:

• Community Programs/Partnerships
• Sponsorships
• Volunteerism
• In-Kind Support


A sponsorship, which is usually event driven, should provide the College with some tangible exposure value, such as an ad in a program, banner at an event, tables or some representational benefit.

A contribution is a direct donation to an organization with very little or no tangible exposure value. Rollins College is independently supported by tuition, income from investments, and contributions from alumni, friends, foundations and corporations. Rollins’ own fundraising efforts are critical to providing scholarships, high-quality academic programs, and up-to-date facilities and research resources. As a not-for-profit organization, Rollins is limited in its ability to support other organizations. Rollins does not provide assistance to the community in the form of monetary contributions.

However, in-kind donations are contributions of non-cash items such as gift baskets, event tickets including the arts and athletics at Rollins, and the knowledge of experts within their respected fields. In-kind donations will be considered with regard to the mission of Rollins. Rollins’ sponsorships are awarded to encourage excellence in education, promote the health and well-being of our citizens, support economic development, encourage leadership development and educational success among minorities, seek solutions to our infrastructure needs and enhance the diverse culture of our community.

Rollins concentrates its giving on viable initiatives within these key areas:

To provide and promote meaningful opportunities and access for children and youth to high-quality learning and educational experiences necessary for them to succeed as productive members of society. This focus area includes programs which promote higher education, further enhance formal education and/or prevent juvenile delinquency by cultivating leadership skills and self-esteem, and instill a sense of social responsibility and awareness of community issues. Rollins also seeks to support programs that drive academic achievement in alignment with career pathways/preparedness at the middle school and high school level as well as continuing education for adults.

To provide and promote sustainability efforts focusing on events and educational experiences through a school-community-college partnership among Rollins, local school districts and other eco-friendly organizations by using methods, systems and materials that preserve natural ecological cycles and resources.

At this time Rollins does not provide support for the following:
• Symposiums, conferences or professional associations that are not affiliated with Rollins
• Capital campaigns or building projects
• Organizations outside the four-county area as defined by Orange, Osceola, Lake and Seminole counties, unless a professional affiliation exists
• Individuals
• Endowments or private foundations
• Religious groups for religious purposes
• Athletic teams and related events
• Animal-related programs

Requests originating within Rollins should be submitted to the Manager of Community Relations for approval. All requests should include documentation including event detail with submission of Donation Request Form. This online form must be filled out completely in order for your request to be considered. Organizations may only receive one donation per calendar year. Determination will be made based on the request’s alignment with Rollins’ mission.

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