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Are you leaving money on the table during business negotiations? Learn how to become a master negotiator.

The Management & Executive Education Center and the Center for Advanced Entrepreneurship at Rollins College is pleased to offer a one day seminar on Negotiation for Entrepreneurs featuring William Grimm, Professor of Practice in Entrepreneurial Finance and Negotiation in the Crummer Graduate School of Business. Attendance is limited to 35 participants.


- Why preparation for a negotiation is much more important than the face-to-face haggling that usually goes on in a negotiation.

- How to develop an alternative BEFORE the negotiation takes place

- The importance of seeing the negotiation from the viewpoint of the other side

- The need to develop a strategy before going into the negotiation, but being ready to modify the strategy when you learn new information about the other side through questioning.

- When to make the first offer and when to invite the other side to make the first offer.

The participants will learn through interesting, short lectures, followed by negotiation exercises between teams of participants as negotiators, each team having a confidential background about the exercise.
Be ready for an engaging, all day program on negotiation.

William Grimm, Professor of Practice in Entrepreneurial finance and Negotiation, has been a corporate and securities lawyer for 39 years, retiring from the GrayRobinson law firm in 2009 to become a full-time professor at the Crummer Graduate School of Business at Rollins College. He brings his many years of experience in negotiating to all of his negotiation seminars and classes.

Negotiation for Entrepreneurs


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