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The Center for Management & Executive Education at Rollins College is dedicated to providing management and executive education programs that are designed to facilitate value creation – economic value, service value, and personal value. Through dynamic course content and classroom interchange among leaders and highly skilled educators, participants learn how to immediately generate value-driven initiatives that will deliver economically, professionally, and personally. The learning initiatives can be applied to developing focused management teams, building client and customer relationships, creating efficient and effective operating systems, designing innovative products and services, and developing strategies that align core business processes. Personal and interpersonal awareness is also enhanced through this developmental process.

Custom Programs


Training created specifically for your corporation needs.

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We approach each client request for custom programming individually.

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Courage to Lead (12/3/2014)

NEW LEADERSHIP is needed for new times, but it will not come from finding new and more wily ways...



GMAT Prep Course (1/17/2015)

Considering an MBA? Let us help! The GMAT is a major component of the MBA admissions process....