Rollins Re-Imagined

By Mary Wetzel Wismar-Davis ’76 ’80MBA

Professor hands out papers. Photo by John Logan | Fry Hammond Barr.

Alumni already know how great Rollins is. A recent initiative to strengthen the College’s image will help ensure that the rest of the world knows it, too.

Rollins. Find Your Purpose. Find Your Place.

The culmination of a two-year process aimed at more successfully communicating the essence of Rollins, the new Rollins “brand” was launched this spring. The visual centerpiece is a simplified logo incorporating the sun from the center of the College seal—an icon symbolic of the Rollins motto, “Fiat Lux,” or “Let There Be Light.” Drawn from the College’s mission, Rollins’ new theme line—“Find Your Purpose. Find Your Place.” —will serve as a foundation for communicating who we are and what we stand for as a leading institution of higher education.

This issue of the magazine reflects the College’s new visual identity that will soon become familiar to you. And yes, it’s still the same magazine—what you’ve known as the Rollins Alumni Record—but with a new name designed to better reflect its mission of keeping alumni and other constituencies informed about the College. The publication also sports a new paper reflective of the College’s commitment to environmentally friendly practices.

Professor Yudit Greenberg discusses her new book with her class. Photo by John Logan | Fry Hammond Barr.

Students sitting on the porch of Pinehurst. Photo by John Logan | Fry Hammond Barr.

A highlight of Rollins’ marketing initiative is a new, improved Web site that will better showcase the College and enhance communication both internally and externally, keeping you, our alumni, more connected to Rollins than ever before. The new Web technology platform is in place — now watch as updated pages roll out throughout the year, including an online Rollins Magazine site. We encourage you to reconnect with your alma mater by visiting the new Rollins home page at We’re confident it will keep you coming back for more!

Knowles Memorial Chapel. Photo by John Logan | Fry Hammond Barr.

Photos by John Logan | Fry Hammond Barr