Pinehurst Cottage

A Campus Is Born in “Olde Florida”

Pinehurst Cottage An early view of the north side of Pinehurst Cottage, the only original College building still standing on the campus

The Rollins landscape took shape along Lake Virginia in the late 1800s, when Winter Park was a fledgling town of winding dirt roads covered by a Spanish moss draped canopy of live oak trees. These photos represent the inception of an institution that later would boast recognition as one of the top liberal arts colleges in the country. Photos courtesy of Rollins College Archives.

The Dinky
The Horseshoe

The Horshoe Takes Shape This 1888 photo is one of the earliest photos of the Rollins campus on record. Situated along what later became known as the “Horseshoe” are (l-r) Knowles Hall, Pinehurst Cottage, and the Dining Hall (also called the College Commons, located at the present site of Chase Hall).

The Dinky The Orlando and Winter Park Railway, which ran through the campus along Lake Virginia, was nicknamed the DINKY by Rollins students because, according to one former student, “that’s just what it was. Even the rails were dinky. Thought they’d never hold to the ground.”

Boating on Lake Virginia Students boat across Lake Virginia to the “Point” in 1893. Campus buildings pictured in the background include (l-r) Cloverleaf Cottage, Lakeside Cottage, Lyman Gymnasium, and Pinehurst Cottage.

Students boating on Lake Virginia