Gazebo sitting near the shore of Lake Virginia. Photo by John Logan | Fry Hammond Barr

From the Editor

The colorful canvas of Rollins College has many more shades of green these days. Eco-consciousness is rapidly weaving its way into the fabric of campus life and sustainable development is becoming a College lifestyle. Every residence-hall room and building common area is furnished with a blue recycling bin, thanks to a largely student-run recycling program; air-conditioning units are being replaced with centralized air-handling plants; the dining hall is stocked with biodegradable containers and corn-based eating utensils; and sustainable-development courses have been infused in the curriculum across the disciplines. Even the campus landscape has become “greener” in recent years, having undergone a renewal aimed at sustainability and water conservation.

Mary Wismar-Davis. Photo by Judy Watson Tracy.

Your alumni magazine is also doing its part. Under its new name of Rollins Magazine, not only does this issue sport a fresh, new design reflective of Rollins’ new visual identity, it represents a campus-wide transition to printing with soy-based ink on recycled paper. In addition, to conserve paper and production-related costs, we will eliminate one print issue a year and, instead, will enhance our communication with alumni via an online version of the magazine, scheduled for launch later this year.

Please take time to enjoy the following stories of Rollins’ environmental initiatives and some of the many students, faculty, staff, and alumni who are helping to paint a brighter future for our campus and our world. One green brush stroke at a time.

Mary Wetzel Wismar-Davis ’76 ’80MBA
Editor, Rollins Magazine