Class News - Family Additions

Edited by Amanda D'Assaro

’86 Danielle Lares-Bouharoun and husband Peter, son Shay, 7/12/08.

’90 Melissa Tellier Pipinich, daughter Petra Elianna, 6/2/08, who joins sister Victoria, 5.

’91 Jennifer Moss Crowley and husband Christopher, daughter Addison Grace, 2/8/07, who joins brother Wilson, 1.

’92 Nicole Gragnano Behler and husband Jon, daughter Rose, 6/20/07.

Brooks Hatfield and wife Meredith, son Cole Eddington, 6/12/08, who joins brother Evans, 6, and sister Grace, 5.

Kari Larsen Pedone and husband Steve, Ellie Larsen, 4/19/08, who joins sister Maddie, 4.

Benjamin Smith and wife Mellisa, son Benjamin Bassett, Jr., 3/25/08, who joins sister Sarah, 1.

’93 Marshall and Heather McConnell Farrer ’95, twins Canon Marshall and Hayes Burns, 8/19/08.

Wendy Yonfa Thomson and husband Robert, son Robert Francis “Trey,” 2/26/08, who joins sister Alexandra, 3.

’94 Shannon Hunt Scott and husband James, daughter Chloe, 8/16/08.

’95 Anne Stone and husband Richard, daughter Clover Beatrix, 6/25/08, who joins brother Parker, 5.

’96 Wendy Speake Brunner and husband Matt, son Asher Beau, 2/22/08, who joins brothers Brody, 2, and Caleb, 4.

’97 Mary Ann Canzano Sullivan and husband Peter, daughter Samantha, 8/11/08, who joins sister Kayla, 2.

Julie Godwin Segura and husband Carlos, son Christian Ellison, 2/7/08, who joins brother Carlos, 3.

’98 Shannon Gryn Severin and husband Will, son Michael Thomas, 8/18/08, who joins sister Katherine, 2.

Chapman and Josie Miles Stewart, son Fuller Emerson, 3/23/08.

Ashley Stearns Burr and husband Andrew, son Andrew Edwards Jr., 2/23/08, who joins sister, Miller, 2.

Sarah Sutton Watkins and husband Trey, son James Christopher, 6/5/08, who joins brothers William, 4, and Henry, 3.

Vanessa Valle Vogel and husband Steven, daughter Allegra Sofia, 1/3/08.

’99 Mike and Charlotte Kinnicutt Vinci, daughter Caitlin Ann, 3/22/08, who joins sister Campbell, 2.

’00 Grant and Jenny Colinger Rowe ’99, daughter Katelyne Elizabeth, 8/18/08, who joins sister Emma, 4.

’01 Rachel Bornhauser Durrum and husband Tony Durrum ’00HH, twins Holly Allison and Natalie Elise, 12/11/07, who join sister Sarah, 3.

Kristin McAllaster Mease ’03MED and husband Cameron, daughter Sophie Cameron, 6/2/08.

’02 Peter Fitzgerald and wife Megan, son Jack Robert, 2/17/08.

’03 Chelsea Larned Boudreaux and husband Wallace, son Donovan Laird, 9/17/07.