Meet Our Team

Meet our new & returning staff members.

The Leading Ladies at Lucy

Our students and staff at Lucy are intentional in creating a safe, inclusive, and welcoming space for the Rollins community to live, laugh, converse, and chill.

Kimberly L. Dennis, Ph.D
Director of Lucy Cross Center for Women & Their Allies

Identifies as... a feminist, an ally, and an addicted ashtangi.

Also serves on-campus as... a professor of Art History and a member of the SWAG steering committee.

Favorite courses to teach...Intro to SWAG and Women & Art.

Past publications have focused on... women and urbanism in seventeenth-century Rome.

Ask her about...Rome or Hawai’i!

Nicole Inclan "Niki"
Center for Inclusion and Campus Involvement Graduate Assistant and Coordinator at The Lucy Cross Center for Women and Their Allies

Identifies as... an activist, Latina, introvert, and Holt graduate student

Also serves on-campus as... a Graduate Assistant for The Center for Inclusion and Campus Involvement.

Most passionate about... mental health, intersectional feminism, and disability justice.

Ask her about... Twin Peaks, black cats, and IDeclare, the Orlando performance art series she co-hosts. 

Ryan Marini

Identifies as... non-binary, Not Straight, Latinx-Caribbean, New Yorker, feminist, INFP, and social justice activist.

Also serves on-campus as... first LGBTQ+ Senator for the Student Government Association and liaison to Spectrum.

Most passionate about... equality in all forms, mental illness awareness, and intersectional feminism.

Ask her about... LGBTQ+ coded characters or public/historical figures/celebrities in the media, how Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes are actually married (or anything else happening in the Marvel Universe - cinematic or otherwise), and the continuous advancement of The Gay Agenda™.

Katy Weilant
Lucy Cross Social Justice Graduate Intern and MA in Mental Health Counseling at Rollins, 2018

Identifies as... an activist, dreamer, INFJ, aspiring art therapist, Holt student, LGBTQA++ ally 

Also serves on-campus as... a Mental Health Counseling Graduate student

Most passionate about... Women's Rights, Animals, LGBTQA++ 

Ask her about... Music, movies, my pets, make-up, Starbucks, and art 

Morgan Gerber
Work Study at the Lucy Cross Center and Sociology Major SWAG Minor

Identifies as...  a feminist, an Ohioan

Also serves on-campus as... a Peer Mentor, a member of AOII

Most passionate about... protecting women's rights and counteracting rape culture on the Rollins campus.

Ask her about... The Walking Dead, music, movies and Ohio

Gabbie Buendia
Lucy Cross Intern and Environmental Studies Major, SWAG Minor

Identifies as... a WOC, tree hugger, activist, INFJ, casual living room dancer, and a teacher of facts you don't actually need to know

Also serves off-campus as...  a source of comic relief

Most passionate about... sex education, the environment

Ask her about... her favorite animal fun facts, making vegan macaroni and chees, celestrial bodies and the fourth dimension

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