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Jonathan Harwell

Associate Professor, Head of Content Curation

Jonathan Harwell

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About Jonathan

Jonathan Harwell manages a department that provides most of Olin Library’s services that happen behind the scenes.  He also works with faculty to teach students how to do research.  His passion is making sure the library provides all the information that Rollins needs.  He and his team strive to get books and articles before people ask us for them; and to get some things from other libraries.  They make sure people can easily find what they need, so they can take a book along on a hike, or watch a video online from anywhere.  As any other librarian does, Jonathan does everything he can to connect people with information.  He joined Rollins College in May 2012, and was previously a librarian at Georgia Southern University, the University of Alabama at Birmingham, and Berry College. He holds an MLIS from The University of Alabama, an MA in Social Science (emphasis in anthropology) from Georgia Southern University, and a BA in English (minor in Spanish) from the University of Southern Mississippi.  In his former life, he was a teacher in Albania for two years. His passions include collection development, finding international cuisines, and researching the cultural history of Quakers in the South.

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