Charging Stations

Charging Station

The library has five charging stations available for use on the 2nd floor.

These charging stations are placed strategically in public seating areas.  You can see a map of those locations here.

Each charger has four cables - two old style Apple cables, a new Apple Lightning Cable, and a micro-USB for Android devices.  We have made every effort to accomodate as many devices as possible - the library has additional charging cables for Androids and USB devices which can be fitted to the stations on request.
Each station also features a slot at the top for holding an iPad or other tablet.

Please note that users are responsible for their own devices.  To reduce the risk of loss or theft, patrons should never leave their phones unattended.  Please do not remove these charging stations from the library.

If you need a MacBook charger, three are available for 24 hour checkout via the Circulation Desk.

If you have any comments or suggestions regarding this service, you can fill our our feedback form here.

Charging Cables

Available charger types from left to right:

  • Apple Lightning Cable (for iPhone 5)
  • Older style Apple (for iPads and older iPhones)
  • Micro-USB (for Android devices)