Gifts of Cash or Securities

The library welcomes and encourages gifts in support of the College’s programs. Donors help sustain the library’s growth, and many of its most valuable resources and special collections originated in this way. Gifts of money, books, films, and other research materials contribute to the library’s development and help us to provide the Rollins community with the best possible access to information.

You can make donations online quickly and conveniently via the secure Rollins e-commerence system:

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Gifts of Cash or Securities

The Olin Library welcomes contributions of cash or long-term, appreciated securities, which can be used to establish either expendable or endowed funds that support library resources, services, or facilities.
The Book-A-Year program builds endowments to strengthen the Library's collections. Once a gift totals five hundred dollars ($500.00), for either a memorial or a membership, a book is purchased at regular intervals and a bookplate is affixed, if desired, to recognize the donor(s) and the honoree.
Other donors prefer to make a will provision for Rollins College and the Olin Library, or name the Library as the ultimate designation of a life-income gift. For further information about the Book-A-Year program, bequests, and life-income gifts, please contact:

Rollins College
The Office of Planned Giving
1000 Holt Avenue - 2724
Winter Park, FL 32789
(407) 646-2606

Book-A-Year donations should be sent to:
Rollins College
Office of Development
1000 Holt Avenue - 2750
Winter Park, FL 32789
 (407) 647-1196

Please note that for security reasons, we cannot accept credit card information via e-mail.