Digital Collections

Digital Collections are special projects overseen by Archives and Special Collections, or conducted as collaborative research by faculty and students.

Central Florida Memory

Central Florida Memory is a cooperative project begun in 2002 by three institutions: The University of Central Florida Library, The Orange County Regional History Center, and The Orange County Library System, and has grown to include contributions from Bethune-Cookman University, The Museum of Seminole County History, Stetson University, and Rollins. The long-term intent of the project is to provide an online platform and focal point for gathering, preserving, and disseminating the documents, artifacts, and stories of the history of Central Florida.

This site includes The Sandspur from 1894 to May 1952, and the Tomokan yearbook from 1917 to 1930.  To browse and search the 1931-2007 volumes of Tomokan, please access through Internet Archive.

Central Florida Memory is not administered by the Olin Library.  Questions or comments about this collection can be submitted via their contact form here.

Genius Reserve

In 1920, Charles Hosmer Morse acquired land situated between lakes Virginia, Berry and Mizell. On this site, he planted citrus groves and carved a scenic road that would later become a local attraction: Winter Park’s treasured Genius Drive.

The Genius Reserve website collects publications, images, maps, and information on this beautiful "working laboratory in landscape restoration and living model of sustainability."

Golden Personalities

A student-faculty collaborative research project launched in summer 2009, the Golden Personalities project was undertaken by Alia Alli '11, Angelica Garcia '10, David Irvin '10 and Kerem Rivera '10, with Professors Wenxian Zhang of College Archives and Julian Chambliss of History Department as faculty leaders.

Hamilton Holt (1872-1951), eighth president of the College, coined the term Golden Personalities - "men and women of learning whose sole love was teaching, who enjoyed associating with young people, individuals with noble characters." Over his tenure of twenty-five years (1925-1949), Holt dedicated himself to the task of bringing such people to Winter Park. To honor Holt, this project seeks to document the lives of leading citizens of both Rollins College and the City of Winter Park. Those deceased figures include not only the founding fathers and early settlers, pioneers and leaders in education, but also influential individuals of town and gown, and community advocates, among others.

Oral History Archive

While working as the Head of Archives and Special Collections, Professor Wenxian Zhang noticed that Rollins lacked a comprehensive oral history research program.  In the fall of 2004, an oral history seminar was coordinated on campus by the College Archives, the Winter Park Historical Society, and the Winter Park Public Library; the program attracted faculty members from History, Anthropology and English Departments, as well as people from the local historical community.  Based on the workshop, a grant application was submitted for a student-faculty collaborative program, and the Rollins oral history research project was launched in the summer of 2005. A subsequent grant was added five years later, and a series of oral interviews were conducted as part of Rollins' 125th Anniversary celebration in summer 2010.

These interviews prompted the participants to reflect upon their years at Rollins,  the challenges they have faced and the accomplishments of their careers in leadership,  teaching, scholarship, and community services.

Rollins College Architecture

In 2007, a collaborative research team consisting of Eneid Bano (’07), Charles Stevens (’07) and Wenxian Zhang was organized to conduct a comprehensive examination on the architectural history of the Rollins campus.

The first goal of the research team was to assemble a complete account of buildings on the Rollins campus that would include the names of architects, years of construction, dedication and renovations, square feet, cost of construction, donor information, and usage histories. The second objective of the project was to develop a web site documenting the history of Rollins architecture over the past 120 years that would include facts and historical images.

Rollins Scholarship Online

Rollins Scholarship Online (RSO) collects and organizes the research and scholarly output of Rollins faculty and students, and makes their work accessible to scholars and researchers worldwide. RSO also hosts journals, conferences, and other collections. RSO is administered by the Olin Library and serves as a permanent digital archive for these materials.

Documents are made available here under a non-exclusive, non-commercial license from the authors.