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Hamilton Holt The Hamilton Holt Collection
Hamilton Holt
Dr. Hamilton Holt (1872-1951), the eighth President of Rollins, fostered a great legacy of expansion and growth for the College. Holt established the Spanish-Mediterranean architectural style on the campus, founded the Animated Magazine, and launched the Conference Plan that centered the Rollins curriculum on the individual student. He also brought many great personalities to Rollins, including Presidents Roosevelt and Truman, and the American philosopher John Dewey. It was during the Holt era that Rollins achieved national prominence as one of the outstanding experimental colleges of the time. The pictures contained in this collection span his tenure at Rollins (1925-1949) and also his life. Here you will find a collection of his photos, speeches, and writings. Each image explains some aspect of his legacy.

Hamilton Holt Faces of Rollins College
Faces Pictures
Building on a tradition of excellence, innovation and community, Rollins College holds a distinctive place in American higher education. For over a century the College has  striven to fulfill its liberal arts mission of providing education of the complete individual - encompassing mind, body and spirit. It is the people here who are Rollins College. This collection contains images of ordinary students, famous alumni, faculty and staff, and famed scholars and celebrities who visited the College over the years. It illustrates daily lives and historical events on campus and commemorates the landmark achievements of the people of Rollins.

Rollins Architecture & Landscape
Architecture Pictures
Since its founding in 1885, Rollins College has been at the heart of learning, culture and architectural beauty in Central Florida. The establishment of Rollins on Lake Virginia provided the perfect location for a truly beautiful campus to unfold. Over the years, the College's planners have succeeded in combining the man-made beauty of campus buildings with the natural beauty of the lakeside setting. The consistent use of Spanish-Mediterranean architecture has created a sense of harmony and unity that is the essence of the campus. This collection consists of historical photographs of buildings and grounds, including: dedications, construction, exterior and interior design and decoration, and landscape scenes.

Students Student Lives at Rollins
Student Pictures
Ever since the development of Holt's Conference Plan in the early twentieth century, the educational experiences of individual students have been the focus of the Rollins experiment. The liberal arts tradition of the College runs deeper than its organizations, publications, and buildings. The tradition lives through the students in their spirit, which embodies what Rollins is today. This collection provides a visual documentation of student lives at Rollins from a historical perspective: curriculum, rules and regulations, student groups, diversity and multiculturalism, community services, internationalization, student theatrical plays, physical education programs and more.

Apollo 13 Winter Park and Florida
WP and FL Pictures
Known as the “City of Homes,” Winter Park has been the home of Rollins since its founding in the late nineteenth century. “Set like a gem amid the waters blue,” the College and the town have grown up together over the years; each has drawn from and shared with the other in a symbiotic relationship. This collection includes photos, postcards, and historical documents that are related to Winter Park and Florida before the age of theme parks. Through enhanced access to this digital resource, users will be able to learn about lives of early pioneers, homes and haunts, events and people who helped shape the histories of Winter Park and other Central Florida communities.

Treasures Treasures at Rollins Archives
Treasures Pictures
Over Rollins' history, the College Archives and Special Collections at Olin Library has been the home for many precious works, either donated by alumni, faculty, staff, students and friends, or purchased by the College. This collection is developed to raise community awareness of and broaden users’ access to the unique historical materials held at Rollins. They range from a set of presidential portraits with autographs, to a handwritten note by Walt Whitman, and the sweater and sneakers worn by Mr. Fred Rogers. Many other historical documents are included, such as a slave sale receipt and land grant certificates from the nineteenth century.