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Welcome to our engaged campus and be prepared for an incredible transformation that will help you use your education to create change in the world.

Preparing Our Campus Community for Engagement and Activism

If the recent White House Executive Order restricting entry of nationals from certain countries stands, Rollins is concerned, first and foremost, for the well-being of our international students, faculty, and staff. The Office of International Student & Scholar Services along with Human Resources stands ready to advise and assist those affected.

Rollins is a compassionate, diverse community that celebrates cultural differences and believes that it is in the very encounter with different points of view that our mission is realized. Every day in our classrooms, around our campus, and in our city, we witness the good that comes from people of different nationalities, faiths, and ethnic heritages joining together in the spirit of cooperation and mutual respect. We believe this is the practice of being a global citizen, which, in part, helps strengthen democratic principles. It is a central part of our mission that we remain committed to honor and uphold. 

It is not accidental that Rollins, with all of America’s finest liberal arts colleges, welcomes international students, faculty, and staff from all nations and faith traditions. These colleges were founded on principles of pluralism, recognizing the essentially American idea that we are a nation founded on inclusive, democratic ideals and composed of immigrants. Thus, we will persist with integrity, advancing our mission to educate students for global citizenship and responsible leadership, and welcoming students, faculty, and staff of all nationalities and faith traditions to join us in this noble purpose.

President Cornwell


An Engaged Campus

“An engaged campus is one that is consciously committed to reinvigorating the democratic spirit and community engagement in all aspects of its campus life: students, faculty, staff and the institution itself. The engaged campus recognizes that knowledge cannot be separated from the purposes to which it is directed. The engaged campus is not just located within a community, it is intimately connected to the public purposes and aspirations of community life itself. The engaged campus is unable to separate its unique responsibility for the development of knowledge, from the role of knowledge in a democratic society to form the basis for social progress and human equality.”
— Campus Compact

Mission Statement
CLCE inspires action and cultivates positive social change through leadership development and community engagement.
Vision Statement
A community committed to educating and empowering global citizens, responsible leaders, and lifelong learners.


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