NOLIJ Account


NolijWeb is a document imaging and management system which works with Banner and provides a secure place to store many types of electronic documents. As a security measure, NolijWeb is currently available only on campus and via Remote App.

Requesting a NOLIJ Account

NolijWeb accounts are created on a request basis, however you do have to have an existing Banner account. This request is subject to departmental approval. Requests must be made electronically from FoxLink. The request form may be found under the Employee tab – Administration – Request Forms. Upon receiving the request and confirming departmental approval, the individual will be contacted via email including a statement of Administrative Responsibility and Confidentiality. Upon receipt of agreement to the statement, the individual will be contacted via email with his/her Banner username and password. If the new user does not have a campus e-mail address, the notification will be sent to the department's liaison. Nolij accounts are typically created within 3 college working days from the date of the approval.