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Office of Institutional Research Staff

Udeth Lugo
Mr. Udeth Lugo has contributed over 30 years of service to Rollins College, serving in a variety of capacities. In the recent past, he has served as the associate dean of the Hamilton Holt School while also serving as director of pre-collegiate programs and director of special programs and events. In the fall of 2010, he assumed the position of the Director of the Office of Institutional Research. Within his role, Udeth serves as the institution’s accreditation liaison and is a member of the President’s Staff; Provost’s Rollins Leadership Team; and Dean of the College’s Leadership Team. He currently serves on the Planning and Budget Committee; Student Success and Retention Task Force; and Digital Records Management Planning Group. In the past, Udeth has also served on a variety of committees, such as the Finance and Service Committee and Staff Advisory Committee. Mr. Lugo received his B.A. in Education and Spanish from Brooklyn College, CUNY; and his M.Ed. in Administration and Supervision from the University of Central Florida.

Data Analyst/
Research Assistant


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