Department of International Business

To compete in today's global market, organizations must understand the opportunities presented by globalization. In the Rollins College International Business degree programs, students gain the experience to meet these challenges as they prepare for a variety of roles.

Qualified faculty

Help students learn to work as individuals, as group members, and as group leaders.

Engaging classrooms

Develop skills in using computers, quantitative methods, and current technology for research, composition, calculation, and presentation.


Experience you gain from the outside for a well prepared future.

Think Globally

Rollins College International Business Majors develop broad global and strategic perspectives on business issues rather than narrow functional perspectives. International business majors become much more aware of the global scope of business activity and of the economic, social, and political consequences of functioning in a world economy. Majors in international business will have the opportunity to learn how to analyze international business organizations, learn practical knowledge and skills sufficient to create and sustain business organizations including  corporations, small business, social agencies, government agencies, non-profits, labor unions and cooperatives.