Charge of the ILAG

Charge of the Integrative Learning Agenda Group (ILAG)

 The Charge of the Integrated Learning Agenda Groupis to move the College of Arts and Sciences forward in an integrative vision toward a seamless learning experience for students by incorporating the LEAP learning outcomes into the programs, projects, activities, and outputs of student affairs and academic affairs.


ILAG Objectives:

I. To identify mission-driven best practices across student and academic affairs that promote integrative student-learning, theory in practice, assessment, and academic excellence

II. To explore future mission-driven opportunities for partnership between student and academic affairs building on resources (existing and outside) that meet LEAP learning goals and outcomes (The Rollins Plan is a possible example of a future partnership)

III. To build communication strategies between student and academic affairs staffs to promote exchange of ideas including information sharing, knowledge/understanding of a Liberal Arts education, philosophy and educational partnership.