Area Codes

All phone numbers in the U.S. consist of a 3-digit area code followed by a 7-digit number.  The area code for Winter Park is 407.  Area codes for Orlando consist of 407 and 321.  To make a local call within the same area code, dial only first the area code then the 7-digit number. 


Calling within the U.S.

Local calls are normally not billed, or are inexpensive.  Long-distance calls are those made to other area codes.  To dial long-distance, dial 1, the area code, then the 7-digit number. 


Calling outside the U.S.

To make an international call, you must dial 011 first to get outside the U.S., then the country code, city code and number you are calling.  Long-distance and international calls can be very expensive; so make sure that you know the rates before calling.  Numbers with an 800 or 888 area code are normally toll-free to you – the recipient pays the charges for these calls.
Calls to other countries from within the U.S. can be particularly expensive – many international students are shocked and surprised by their first phone bills.  One way to reduce costs is to use a phone card.  These cards allow you to make calls from any phone via a toll-free number.  You can purchase phone cards at many convenience stores and gas stations.  You can also purchase phone cards through the internet.  Be sure to research the card offering the best rate to your home country.

Calling on Campus

If you are living in on-campus housing, Telecommunications can provide you with phone service in your room.  If you have phone service in your room, you can dial other Rollins phone numbers by dialing the last 4-digits of the number.  To dial a number off-campus from an on-campus phone, you must dial 8 followed by the 10-digit number.  If you wish to dial long-distance or outside the U.S. you will need a personal long distance code which can be provided by Telecommunications.
Directory Assistance (to request phone numbers for other companies)
Numbers within Rollins: 0 from any campus phone
Numbers within the 407 or 321 area codes:  411

Mobile Phones

Some mobile phone companies in the U.S. do not provide a contract to customers without a credit check.  The following companies either provide service without a contract or provide a prepaid plan.