Slang, Idioms, and Rollins Terminology

Common American Slang, Idioms and Acronyms

Air-head --a very forgetful person
ASAP --as soon as possible
--barbecue, a meal cooked outdoors over a charcoal or gas grill
--Burger King, a fast-food restaurant
--intoxicated by alcohol, drunk
--alcohol, liquor
--one dollar
Bummer --an unpleasant experience
Burned out
--completely exhausted, usually from stress and overwork
Busted --to be caught by the police
By the skin of your teeth
--just barely
--agreeable, okay, nice, in style
--a police officer
Couch potato
--a lazy person, one who sits and constantly watches TV
--to collapse or go to sleep, or to show up at a party without an invitation
--to criticize, speak disrespectfully about someone
--to be left or abandoned
Don't even go there
--don't touch the subject, as in mind your own business
Down to earth
--practical, simple, natural
Drive up the wall
--to irritate, as in "He's driving me up the wall"
--a man
Dying to
--wanting to do something very much
Freak out
--to lose control of one's feelings, panic
Get under one' s skin
--bother, annoy
Give a ring
--to telephone
Give the cold shoulder
Go Dutch
--each person pays for his/her own meal
Good to go --ready, all taken care of
Goofing off
--not doing what you're supposed to be doing
--member of a fraternity (for men) or sorority (for women), which are social, professional or honor organizations for college students
--something crude, disgusting or unpleasant
Grossed out
--made to feel uneasy because of something unpleasant
Hang in there
--keep trying, don't get discouraged
Hang or Hang out
--to be together with a group of friends
--the physical effects of heavy drinking (headache)
--personal concerns or adjustment problems
Have cold feet
--be scared, fearful, change one's mind
Have the blues
--to feel depressed or sad
--elated, extremely happy, or under the effects of drugs or alcohol
Hit the books
--to study
Hit the road
--to leave
Hit the sack
--go to bed/sleep
Hung up
--to be personally conflicted over a problem
In a nutshell
--very briefly and concisely
In hot water
--in trouble
--an athletically-minded person
--Kentucky Fried Chicken, a fast-food restaurant
--language, way of speaking
--intoxicated by alcoho
lMickey D's --McDonald's, a fast food restaurant
Off one's rocker
--crazy, losing one's mind
On the house
--free of charge, no cost
Once in a blue moon
--infrequently, rarely
–said after a small mistake
Out of it
--preoccupied, one's mind is on something else
Out of one's mind (or head)
--going crazy, feeling overwhelmed
Pass the buck
--transfer responsibility to someone else, avoid responsibility
Piece of cake
--easy or effortless
Pig out
--to overeat
--purse, bag, handbag
--frozen dessert on a stick
Psyched up
--to be mentally and emotionally prepared for something
Pulling one's leg
--to tease, joke, kid around
Rip off
--to charge an exorbitant price for an item or to steal
Roll up one's sleeves
--take control, dive into the work
--a reply is required telling whether or not you can attend a function to which you have received an invitation (acronym for the French "respondez s'il vous plait")
Screwed up
See eye to eye
--have the same opinion
Shook up
Shoot the breeze
--chat, talk casually
--person of low character or questionable behavior
--sweet carbonated beverage such as Coke or Pepsi, also called "pop” or “tonic" depending on the region of the U .S.
Spacey, spaced out
--not clear-headed or logical, in a daze
Spill the beans
--reveal a secret
--submarine sandwiches, a sandwich on a long roll with assorted fillings also called a “grinder" or “hero" in other parts of the U.S.
Take a rain-check
--do it another time, postpone
Take for granted
--to assume
Ticked off
-- to be angry, furious ("pissed off" is a more vulgar version)
To be into something
--to be very interested in or concerned with something
Tops, the max
--the best
Turn over a new leaf
--adopt a new direction or better course of conductYou're all set --you're all done, you're ready
Wasted --an extreme lack of energy from stress or overwork, or from the influence of drugs or alcohol
What's up? --How are you? What's happening? What's new?
Wicked --cool, nice, in style
Wrecked --exhausted
Zero in on --focus or concentrate on

If interested in a more extensive listing of American slang and idioms, consult the Dictionary of American Slang by Harold Wentworth or Barron' s Dictionary of American Idioms both should be available in a local bookstore.

Rollins Lingo

A&S – abbreviation for College of Arts & Sciences
ACE - All Campus Events- student programming board that dedicates itself to social gatherings, festivities, and functions within the confines of the Rollins College Campus.
Alfond – Alfond Sports Center
Annie & Fred - The names of the two theatres on Campus: The Annie Russell Theater, or mainstage and the Fred Stone theater, or second stage.
BBR - Bieberbach & Reed room in the Campus Center
Blackboard - An online forum where people share thoughts, ideas, and post their homework assignments for the professor.  It’s like a chalkboard connected to the internet.
Campus Center – short name for Cornell Campus Center which holds the Skillman Marketplace (main cafeteria) and Dave’s Downunder Café
CCC - Cornell Campus Center
Club Olin - The café in the Olin Library.
CMF- Campus Movie Fest – program brought to our campus (and others nationally) in February 06 by OSIL, and will be a yearly event for the campus in which students create films and premiere them to the campus in “red carpet style”.
COL - Council of Leaders – A section of SGA in which representatives from each student organization
Crummer – abbreviation for Crummer Graduate School of Business
CSS - Cornell Hall for Social Sciences
Downunder - A large area located down, under Beans with poolside access. The Grill, a deep fried version of Beans, and the C-store, a Sevvies with Rollins flavor are located here.
Explorations – The name for First Year Programs and the Orientation program
Fox Day - A campus function where classes are cancelled and all of the Rollins students go to the beach for the day and have a cookout on Mills Lawn.
Fox Day Roulette - refers to the dangerous art of predicting Fox Day before the actual date. Those who follow the voodoo practice tend to postpone completion of their homework assignments with belief that Fox day will be the next day.
GA – Graduate Assistant
Getaway – First year getaway retreat put on by OSIL and a committee from across campus
Holt – abbreviation for Hamilton Holt School
IC Desk (Information Center)- front desk in the Cornell Campus Center, you can rent out movies, games, purchase universal tickets for  $35
IMPACT- This group is a collaboration between OSIL, OCE & OMA to provide peer education programs around issues of leadership, diversity and service/engagement. 
IT -  Information Technology which is located in the first floor of the library
LEAD – Leadership Education and Development – program through OSIL whose office is in Chase Hall, 2nd Floor
Marketplace or Beans - The main cafeteria located on the first floor of the Cornell Campus Center
Mills – short name for Mills Lawn, the main lawn in the center of campus with the flagpole
OCE -  Office of Community Engagement
Olin – Olin Library
OMA -  Office of Multicultural Affairs
OSIL – Office of Student Involvement and Leadership
Pancake Flip – A semi-annual festivity where people matriculating at the colleges hold plates and attempt to seize pancakes tossed from across the Campus Marketplace.
RA - Resident Assistant
RCC - Rollins Conference Course- a first year student academic component, in which first-year students connect with mentors, their academic advisor, and other first year students.
Res Life – short name for the Office of Residential Life Sandspur – the school newspaper
Security – the campus security; they monitor all activity on campus and are available 24 hours / day in the case of an emergency, dial 2999
Sevvies - The 7-11 convenient store located at the corner of Park & Fairbanks Avenues.  It sells Slurpees (frozen fruit drinks), along with Cuban and Italian sandwiches.
SGA - Student Government Association
Snowed In – A campus function in January that consists of winter-themed indoor activities and contests.
TJs – the Thomas P. Johnson Student Resource Center located on the 2nd floor of the Mills Building where students can receive tutoring in a variety of course subjects and writing.
WPRK – The State of Florida’s initial and most potent Collegiate high frequency electromagnetic signal broadcasting facility.  Florida’s first and most powerful college radio station.